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Welcome to Visbylagenheter

Near Södertorg and Adelsgatan right inside of the gate Kajsar on Södra Murgatan 9 we can offer you a central and beautiful acommodation inside of the medieval ring wall. The property has a nice view of the wall and the tower of Kajsar. Our courtyard is very cosy with a grill and a patio. It also has a bicycle parking. Right outside the gate there is plenty of parking lots which is often a problem inside of the wall. The acommodation is very close to Adelsgatan (the shopping street with small boutiques) and Östercentrum where you have banks, grocery stores etc. Right outside of the wall is also the central busstop of Visby with buses going all across Gotland.

The property has most likely been here since the later half of the seventeen hundreds. The residence was a wooden house at first and the yard house was used as a stable. The residence probably kept its current size since the later half of the eighteen hundreds.

We can also offer you acommodations right outside the wall on Visborgsgatan and cabins on the northern side of Gotland.

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